Tips for Staying Safe in Power Outage During Storm

If there is any storm coming to your place or have come already then you need to stay safe in such a situation. Most probably electricity companies like RGE cut their power supply in order to avoid any disaster. So, it is recommended to prepare for such conditions so that you can be safe in the storm. In this guide, I am going to share some tips to stay safe during or before the storm. You need to read the whole article in order to know all the tips and tricks to stay safe.

Once the power is out, you won’t be able to view these safety tips, so I recommend you to save this page and print it out so that it can be helpful during the storm. Check out the safety tips below.

Downed Power Lines:

During the storm, if there is any power line is downed then avoid it. Even if it appears dead, avoid it because it can be still deadly. You should immediately call 800.743.1701 to report downed power lines or other hazardous situations. If any tree is becoming obstacles to power lines due to storm then refrain from removing them. No line is safe to touch, don’t touch them ever.

Flooded Basements:

If your basement is flooded then stay out of it because energized wiring or outlets below the waterline may pose a hazard. If there is any natural gas service in the basement area then it can also become dangerous. If your home or place is in flood then contact RGE emergency number so that they can turn off your electricity and/or natural gas service.

Life-Sustaining Equipment:

If you have any life-sustaining equipment in your house that operates on electricity, then you should contact the RGE team at 800.743.2110 so that they may enroll the user of that equipment one of their critical customer programs. Or their team can provide you with specific advice on how to prepare for power interruptions.

Additional Tips:

You can also follow below additional tips too.

  • If there is any power outage happened in your house then cross-check it with your neighbors. There may be a simple fuse or circuit brake problem.
  • You can also sign up for RGE’s free Outage Alerts service so that you can stay informed.
  • If there is any power interruption then you can contact at 800.743.1701 to file a report. While filing the report, ready your account number to tell them. RGE customer service team let you report the problem and they respond to it quickly and efficiently. They keep updating you about the report.
  • If you have emergency generators in your house then they can be dangerous. You are recommended to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never operate your generators in indoor, always operate them in clean, dry, well-ventilated outdoor areas.

Final words:

So, these were some tips which you need to follow before and during the storm in your area. If you follow these then you can stay safe and ensure the safety of your family.